Club Events

Landlocked scuba divers are a unique bunch, so we've created the Landlocked Scuba Club to gather them all together!  This scuba diving club gives you the opportunity to dive more frequently in our pool and regional lakes and quarries.  Plus, you'll advance your knowledge and dive skills and share your... Find Out More

Shallow Wrecks of Michigan City, IN – June 10, 2023

This is the perfect introduction to shipwreck diving, cold-water diving and using small charter boats. The first shipwreck is the F. W. Wheeler, a wooden streamer that became stranded during a December 1893 blizzard. Luckily for the crew, she sank 1,200ft offshore and local rescue crews saved all 16 sailors. Today, the... Find Out More

Thomas Hume Shipwreck in New Buffalo – June 11, 2023

When you envision a shipwreck, it probably looks a lot like the Hume. In 1891, this 131ft long schooner sank far offshore in Lake Michigan. For the next 112 years, she was listed as 'missing without a trace' along with her crew of 7. In 2003, the wreck was discovered, sitting upright and in beautiful condition.... Find Out More

Ironsides Shipwreck in Grand Haven – June 24, 2023

Everyone loves the Ironsides wreck, but she sits in 120ft of water, so this trip is for experienced divers. This wooden, twin-propelled steamer was built to haul iron ore during the Civil war. In 1873, during heavy seas, the ship foundered, taking with her 21 of the 50 passengers on board. Today, the Ironsides sits upr... Find Out More

Whitehall Shipwrecks – June 25, 2023

Make a weekend of shipwreck diving and pair Grand Haven and Whitehall together; it's only a 30-minute drive apart. In Whitehall, we will dive the State of Michigan wooden steamer. During her career, she was stranded twice and survived the gale storm of 1880. When she finally met her demise, all the crew managed to ... Find Out More

Mackinaw City Weekend – Choose Your Weekend

For the past few years, this trip has had such a long waiting list that we decided to run five weekends. Grab your friends, grab your tanks and head to Mackinac. Dive the recently discovered Dolphin shipwreck; she is beautiful and sits intact in 110ft of water. This 2-mast schooner collided with the bark Badger St... Find Out More

Tobermory, Canada Shipwrecks – July 28-30, 2023

The small town of Tobermory, Canada is simply charming. First, there’s the picturesque harbor. It buzzes with excitement every morning as divers ready themselves to explore history-rich shipwrecks. Then there’s the scattering of family-owned ice cream shops, motels and eateries. Stroll down the boardwalk an... Find Out More

Port Sanilac Weekend – August 12-13, 2023

Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve stretches from Lexington in the south to Forestville in the north. It is perfect for beginner to intermediate sports divers. At least 16 shipwrecks sit above 120ft of water. Among the best known are the Regina (25ft-45ft), Sport (25ft-45ft), Checotah (117ft), Mary Alice B (92ft) and C... Find Out More

Presque Isle: Technical Dive Week – August 14-18, 2023

For one glorious week in August, we will dive the deep wrecks off of Presque Isle and Rodger City.  Weather permitting, this will include the Typo in 195ft of water, which is a 3-masted schooner that sank intact with a mast still standing. The ship's bell remains hanging atop the windless, with coal and d... Find Out More

Thunder Bay National Sanctuary Shipwrecks – August 19-20, 2023

There are almost 100 shipwreck stories to discover when you dive Thunder Bay. All sites are protected within our only National Marine Sanctuary. Depths range from shallow to deep but the focus for this weekend is shipwrecks that sit in 60ft -100ft.   This is a 2-day package that includes a 2-tank morning div... Find Out More