• Thomas Hume Shipwreck in New Buffalo – June 11, 2023

Thomas Hume Shipwreck in New Buffalo – June 11, 2023

When you envision a shipwreck, it probably looks a lot like the Hume. In 1891, this 131ft long schooner sank far offshore in Lake Michigan. For the next 112 years, she was listed as 'missing without a trace' along with her crew of 7. In 2003, the wreck was discovered, sitting upright and in beautiful condition. The port bow anchor is resting in place. The chains spill off the starboard bow and the mast lies across the deck.


There are, however, two challenges in diving the Hume. The first is the location. This wreck lies 24 miles offshore of New Buffalo, so we need a full-day charter and perfect weather conditions. Depth is the second issue. The deck sits at 135ft of water so recreational divers must be comfortable with the depth. Those wishing to dive to the anchors and hull will hit 150ft and must be technically trained.


This package includes a 2-tank full-day boat charter.

Divers: Master Diver (or equivalent experience) and comfortable in cold-water conditions.

Dive time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Payment: All payments are due at the time of booking for one-day charters.  For weekend trips, a $200 nonrefundable deposit is needed to guarantee space. If we need to cancel a trip for any reason (weather, boat issues, etc.) we will either reschedule the trip or offer you a gift card for the original purchase price. However, if you need to cancel, please know that all trips are non-refundable unless the space can be refilled. If space is refilled, 50% of the trip total cost is refundable and the remainder goes to cover administration costs.  

Weather Policy: Those ships are on the bottom for a reason and mostly because of the weather.  The Great Lakes can be rough, and your safety is our utmost concern. Sometimes it is necessary to cancel charters without much notice due to water conditions. For one-day charters, we will call you as early as possible with cancellation news with the hopes that you do not make a drive to the destination for nothing. 

Thermal Protection: Most people use 7mm wetsuits and hoods, boots and gloves. A drysuit is wonderful but not necessary to explore our Great Lake shipwrecks. The exception is for technical dives when dry suits are a must. Dry suit classes and rentals are available. Water temperatures range from the low 40’s to the high 60’s.

​Gas Surcharges: All prices are based on current gas costs and taxes. If there is an increase in either, the prices listed are subject to change. 

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